Gluten free dye free playdough recipe for 50 students? Challenge accepted

Co-op science class studied structure of the Earth. Kids  started by creating an inner core from playdough, then they added outer core, mantle and crust.  All we need for the activity is playdough, 4-5  different colors. Sounds easy enough, right?

Plot twist: playdough should be gluten free and dye free.

After trying several recipes, I finally found one that’s super easy and makes right texture playdough.

2 cups of rice flour

1 cup salt

4 tbsp cream of tartar

1.5 cup if boiling water

2 tbsp coconut oil

*natural food dyes – optional.

Mix all the dry ingredients,  add natural food dyes, then boiling water.  Mix thoroughly. If playdough is still crumble, add more water 1-2 tbsp at a time.

*Extra step. Add too much water (2+cups instead of 1.5 that recipe calls for) and to go to the store to buy more rice flour*