Christmas Book Advent Calendar

This post contains mentions of Christmas. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Le gasp! You have been warned, proceed at your own risk.

Gratitude tree post reminded me of our favorite December tradition: book advent calendar! We have been doing a version of it for the past 5 years. Last year I added a spin on it – live broadcast on Facebook. It went fiiiiiine, everytbing went fiiiiiine 100% of the time…NOT!

A little about me. I’m hilarious online or in text messages, but very dull in person. I need that extra 20 seconds to process information and come up with something punny and witty. When I’m face to face with a real human, I turn into a walking awkward penguin meme. Talking to a live audience  is way out of my comfort zone and so much can (and does!!!!) go wrong. And that’s why I do it.

This year I’m adding one more detail to this tradition: a challenge! Broadcast live or record a video of you or your children reading a book and share it on social media with #ReadingSnowflakes. Be sure to tag:

@school_for_peculiar_children on Instagram

@School For Peculiar Children in Facebook

and like/share/follow my page:

By Christmas we will have collected dozens of fun read alouds (and a few of bloopers from me, no doubt!)

Who’s in?

Blog/page is still in its infancy and I’m trying to build up content and spread the word out. Thank you for your support and participation! It means more than words can express. ❤