New November tradition

It is so easy to fall into negative thought pattern!  Who hasn’t traveled down the “woe is me” road? 

It’s even more pronounced is gifted individuals  and/or those who have ADHD. With the awersome superpower comes great burden. When you hear, see and process more input than average person, the output sometimes comes in unexpected form. 

All-or-nothing attitudes, expectation of the worst case scenario, negative self-talk, jumping to conclusions, disqualifying the positive experiences: all these thoughts and experiences are  persistent, automatic and damaging. 

Having a gratitude journal is one of the  ways to employ mindfulness mindset. 

Recently grumpy attitudes have been widesoread with kids and grown ups in our house and all of us needed a daily visual reminder of how blessed we are. Simple Gratitude Tree is now a focal point of our living room. 

I started by sketching a tree trunk and branches on a large sheet of paper. 

*Note to self: do not use Sharpie marker on a thin paper next time. 

**Pro tip: to remove sharpie from ceramic tile, trace the stain with dry erase marker and wipe it off with a paper towel. 

Next step, I added painters tape to the back of the tree and attached my creation to a wall. It was not easy! One of my kids asked me why I was wrestling with an octopus.

After the octopus has been defeated and the tree was taped to the wall, I printed out some cute pinteresty leaves. Skip this step! I spent entirely too much time cutting out maple and oak leaf patterns.  Just free hand it! Improvise a là Edward Scissorhands. 

Evert day, we write something we are grateful for on a leaf and tape it to the tree. One by one, fun memories and blessings fill up the Gratitude Tree and our hearts.