Freeze your water instantly in 10 easy steps

1. Place 3728 water bottles in the freezer (seals broken, label removed for better visual effect) for 2-2.5 hours in horizontal position.

2. Try an experiment in exactly 2 hours. Waste 50% of your water bottles.

3. Wait few more minutes. Drop 50% of remaining bottles in the floor triggering crystallization process before anybody has a chance to see the experiment.

4. Treat remaining bottles as if they are the most unstable element known to humanity and carefully pour super chilled water over some ice cubes in the bowl.

5. Ooooh and aaaaaah

6. Pix or it didn’t happen. Remember that you forgot to record a video.

7. Use the remaining bottle of liquid gold to record the video. Make sure that your toddler is demanding a popsicle and your dog if barking at his own shadow.

8. Attempt to be clever and use this ringtone as a background.

9. Throw in 4827 more bottles in the freezer.

10. Forget that water bottles are in the freezer. I’ve blocks inside the plastic bottles will be useful during your next hiking of camping trip.